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In Memoriam


A+,MCP+I, MCT,MCSE,CTT - Steve Byers is the originator of Sennex, Inc and Computer Solutions Today. He is an international entrepreneur who, after discovering a growing need for pleasant, easy-to-understand computer instructors, decided to focus his energy on helping people learn how to use computers in an enjoyable and non-threatening environment.  Steve has progressed in parallel with Microsoft since 1987, when he got Windows version 1.0a on his first computer at Virginia Tech. As Microsoft continues to grow, Steve stays active in the Microsoft Certified Professional Programs. Through the years, Steve has supported various individuals and businesses; mostly professionals who appreciate a down-to-earth approach to computers. His desire is to help individuals overcome the apprehension of facing computers by avoiding confusing technical jargon. Steve directed an 18 month project for the delivery of Windows NT courses to CIA's network support personnel prior to the roll-out of their standard operating environment.  Much of this environment was customized in house by the CIA development team.  Many of Windows 2000's features were first pioneered through these development efforts.