The Conspiracy Theory

Ever since the night of January 31st, 1956, individuals have speculated as to what happened to the B-25 after it ditched in the Mon.  Some believe the bomber was carried away by the Army that very night.  Others believe the Army pulled it out two weeks later.  As part of our research, we've talked to Air Force officials, river salvage experts and examined the transcripts and testimonies of the 2 witnesses who "saw" the bomber being removed.  Our conclusion - its still there - still buried in the Mon.  Occasionally, a expert witness emerges on the scene who brings clarity to the debate.   Such a witness is Captain Jack Ross.  Captain Ross is a river man - he made his living on the Mon, Allegheny and the Ohio.  He knows the rivers.  More importantly, he understands the effort required to successfully recover an object the size of a B-25 from the river (if, of course, it can be found).  We invite you to read his letter to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and decide for yourself if it was really possible, and practical, for the Army to sprit the bomber away as the conspiracy theorists say.