Press Release:  B-25 Group Presents to the University Club


25 June 2000, Pittsburgh, PA

On Sunday, the 25th of June, Mr. Robert Shema, Director of Operations for the B-25 Recovery Group, presented the University Club (University of Pittsburgh) with an overview of the Groups findings related to the location of the B-25 and current plans to confirm the presence of the bomber.  Dr. Bill Laird, Entertainment Chairman, and Mr. Lawrence Breck, past President of the University Club, hosted the presentation as part of the Club's Sunday evening social dinner.

Mr. Breck, Mr. Shema and Dr. Laird

Assisted by Mr. Steve Byers and Mr. Matt Pundzak, Mr. Shema went over the details of the Group's theory as to what happened to the B-25 shortly after it sank in the Monongahela River on the 31st of January 1956.  Mr. Shema also discussed the findings that led the Group to select Bird's Landing as primary target for an archeological survey to confirm the bomber's presence.  Mr. Shema emphasized the technical difficulties associated with the search and outlined how the Group plans to conduct a the survey of Birds Landing. 

When asked about timing for the archeological phase, Mr. Shema stated that the Group "will start the archeological phase once resources are in place to get the technical support, sensors and professionally plan the survey."  Until now the Group has been working from personal funds and donations of equipment and time by individuals and companies.  What the Group would prefer to do is to delay any study of Bird's Landing until the resources are in place to mount a well planned survey of the site with one or more sensors.

According to the Group, approximately $25,000 is required for a comprehensive survey of Bird's Landing.

Mr. Breck concluded the evening by asking the membership to consider sponsoring the Group's effort and asked the Group to come back in the future to update the membership on the status of the project.